Rental conditions

Rental conditions

Please read Stirem Auto OÜ general conditons

Booking a car
Booking on the web page – you must choose a car, fill in the required fields, read Stirem Auto OÜ rental conditions and click the button – RESERVE. You will be contacted by Stirem Auto OÜ rental agent, who will send you an invoice. It will be done within 24H. Reservation is confirmed after recieving the payment.
If you need to rent a car within 24h please contact us by phone +372 53815502.

The renter must present a driving licence and identification document (passport or ID card) to the rental provider. The renter must confirm that the driving licence is valid and that it has not been suspended. The same condition apply to additional drivers. Copies of the documents will be kept by Stirem Auto OÜ

Vehicle condition
“A rental car will be given to the renter with a full fuel tank, clean and in good operating conditon. The rental vehicle must be returned in the same conditions. If the vechile is returned dirty, 75€ will be charged, 200€ in case chemical cleaning is needed. If not with full fuel tank – 2,8€ per lacking liter will be charged. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the renter must inspect the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle is in good
technical condition, has no faults, and the interior of the vehicle is clean. The renter will verify whether any damage visible upon delivery of the vehicle is recorded on the vehicle’s technical condition sheet. Later complaints about any damage to the vehicle s not be accepted and is deemed to be caused by the renter. and shall be compensated to Renter. In case of the accident damages adminstration cost – 20€. In case of an accident the renter must pay full price for the days when the vehicle was in the service. It is prohibited to use the vehicle for pushing or towing other vehicles. ”

Additional driver
The right to drive the rented Vehicle applies only to the persons who are written in the rental agreement. The vehicle must not be given for driving the persons who are not included in the rental agreement

Mileage limits
Passanger vehicle mileage limit in a day is 200 km / 2000 km in month.
An extra fee 0.13€ per km will be charged for exceeding the limit

Stirem Auto OÜ vehicels can be used only on the territory of the Republic of Estonia. On the written approval of the rental company, the rented vehcile can be used in Europe but not in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Transfer and return of the Vehicle
From Monday to Friday during business hours ( 9-17.00 )in Tallinn city centre transfer and return is free of charge. Outside business hours and Tallinn city centre transfer and return of the rental vehicle costs 15€
Rental vehicle pick-up or dropp-off in Riga (Latvia) 240€
Rental vehicle pick-up or dropp-off in Vilnius (Riga) 430€

Business Hours
Stirem Auto Oü business hours are from Monday till Friday, 9.00-17, except national holidays.
Outside business hours we ask extra charge for servicing. Fee starts from 20€, exact sum is depending on the time.

On concluding the rental agreement the renter must pay a deposit ( at least 200€). Deposit will be reserved from a credit or debit card. Deposit will be returned within 1-10 days after the renter has returnted the vehicle and rental company has no complains. Rental company has a right to ask bigger deposit.

The renter is responsible for the traffic and parking fines during the rental period. It will be charged after the rental period. Fines that the renter did not inform the rental company will be charged later in duplicated amount.

It is prohibited to smoke or consume alchol in the rental car.
Stirem Auto OÜ can refuse for renting out the vehcile.