Terms and conditions of vehicle rental contract of Stirem Auto OÜ


1. STIREM AUTO OÜ(hereinafterthe Lessor) rents out passenger cars, minibuses and vans (hereinafter the Vehicles).
2. Payment for using a Vehicle is made in accordance with the price set out in the rental contract.
3. The fee set out in the rental contract is also valid on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
4. The time of Vehicle rental (rental period) is agreed between the parties and the start and end of the rental period
is set out in the rental contract. The rental contract also constitutes the record of delivery and receipt of the Vehicle.
5. The Lessor has the right to install GPS equipment in the Vehicle, which makes it possible to determine the location
of the Vehicle and, if necessary, save the travel route of the Vehicle. GPS equipment is installed in order to determine
the location of the Vehicle in the case of theft.
6. The cost of fuel is not included in the price of Vehicle use. The Vehicle is returned with the same fuel quantity that
was in the tank upon the issue of the Vehicle to the customer.
If the Lessee returns the Vehicle with a smaller fuel quantity, the Lessor has the right to request a contractual penalty
of 100 euros.
7. The Lessor provides the Vehicle with winter tyres from December to March.
8. The Lessee may use the Vehicle in the territory of the Republic of Estonia. The use of the Vehicle outside of
the territory of the Republic of Estonia is only permitted with the Lessor’s consent that has been granted in a format
that can be reproduced in writing.
9. The Lessee is liable for any damage and impairment caused to the Vehicle as well as theft of the Vehicle and
reimburses in full the damage caused to the Lessor within the scope not covered by insurance.
9.1 In the case of indemnity handled and payable by an insurance undertaking, the Lessee’s liability is limited to
the rate of the deductible under the respective insurance contract.
9.2 The person who uses the Vehicle has the obligation to hold a valid driving licence.
10. The Lessee is required to:
10.1 adhere to the traffic rules in force and the instructions determined by the manufacturer of the Vehicle;
10.2 use the Vehicle prudently; if the Vehicle needs dry cleaning upon return, the Lessee must reimburse the
Lessor for the expenses thereof;
10.3 bear liability prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia in the case of traffic accidents and other
violations of law (incl. traffic and parking fines) and reimburse third parties for proprietary damage caused by the
Vehicle as a major source of danger;
10.4 reimburse the proprietary damage caused to the Lessor’s Vehicles in accordance with clause 9 of these
Terms and Conditions;
10.5 notify the Lessor without delay of all the traffic accidents that have occurred to the Vehicle or of damage to
the Vehicle and follow the instructions and orders issued to them in connection with that;
10.6 immediately notify the Lessor of any circumstances concerning the compliance with the requirements for
the operation of the Vehicle (seasonal tyre replacement, routine maintenance, etc.) and take the Vehicle to
scheduled technical maintenance and warranty repairs on time (taking into account the Vehicle manufacturer’s
10. 7 pay for Vehicle use under the terms and conditions and by the deadlines specified on invoices drawn up on
the basis of the Vehicle rental contract.
11. The Lessee may not:
11.1 assign the right to drive the Vehicle to other persons, except to a person on whom a notation has been
made in the Vehicle rental contract;
11.2 use the Vehicle for providing fee-charging services, for driving lessons and in motorsport competitions;
11.3 tow other means of transport;
11.4 transport more people and goods than permitted for the car by the manufacturer;
11.5 transport animals;
11.6 smoke in the Vehicle. Upon breach of the prohibition, the Lessor has the right to request a contractual
penalty of 320 euros per breach.
12. The Lessor is required to provide the Lessee with a Vehicle that is in working order along with the documents
necessary for using the Vehicle at the time and in the place agreed in the rental contract.
13. The technical maintenance work of the Vehicle is performed by the Lessor. The Lessee ensures a daily check of the
technical condition of the Vehicle, paying special attention to the condition of the tyres, the existence of oil in the
engine and coolant in the radiator as well as to the good condition of the lighting devices, indicator lights and steering
gears of the Vehicle.
14. The Lessor has the right to cancel the contract before the expiry thereof without giving any advance notice
thereof if the Lessee has committed a fundamental breach of the contract. A fundamental breach of the contract is
deemed to be, above all, the following circumstances.
1) The Lessee does not use the Vehicle for its intended purpose or does not take into account the restrictions
established on the use of the Vehicle by the contract.
2) The Lessee fails to pay the rent at the right time and as required and does not pay the arrears after receiving a
reminder in writing or in a format that can be reproduced in writing to the e-mail address specified by the
15. Upon the expiry of the rental contract, the Lessee brings the Vehicle to the address agreed with the Lessor no
later than on the date and at the time set out in the contract. The Vehicle must be in the same order and
completeness as it was upon the delivery of the Vehicle.
16. If, upon return of the Vehicle, the Vehicle does not meet the terms and conditions provided for in the contract,
the Lessee agrees to bring the Vehicle into the condition meeting the contract by the deadline determined by the
Lessor or reimburse the Lessor for the expenses necessary for restoring the proper condition of the Vehicle.
17. If the Lessee cannot return the Vehicle upon the expiry of the rental contract with good reasons (the Lessee’s
illness, technical failure of the Vehicle, etc.) and they do not inform the Lessor thereof before the day of return, the
Lessee is required to pay 1.5-fold rent as of the day of expiry of the rental contract.
18. Upon the expiry of the rental contract, if the Lessee has not returned the Vehicle on time, the Lessor may, at any
time, assume possession of the Vehicle in accordance with the self-help procedure and the Lessee bears the expenses
related thereto.
19.Default interest of 8% a year is calculated on invoices and/or other monetary claims that have not been paid on
20. The Lessee confirms that he/she has examined all the rental conditions on www.stiremauto.ee
21. Disputes arising from the Vehicle rental contract are resolved, above all, by agreement between the parties and,
upon failure to reach agreement, in the Harju County Court